Asian Investors are still positive with property

Asian investors are still positive with property prospect in particular for Singpaore in 2013 where 70% of these investors look forward to extend their real estate profile in the region. Taken with longer term view, Asian properties investment outlook is even more attractive.

Almost half of them expect to receive a respectable 20% return from this investment. East Europe and Asia are expected by these investors to be the regions that still can achieve higher than 20% investment return.

The negative about investment in Asia properties are raising capital and insufficient supply of suitable properties. 

More than half of these investors believe that the investment climate will further improve in the coming 5 years horizon. 

Among the top Asian cities for investment include Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing.

Most of these Asian investors firmly believe that property investment is a good hedge against ever growing inflation due to the economic policies in multiple quantitative easing from the USA .

30 Dec 2012