Fancy a free stay for half a year in a condominium ?

Koh Brothers is offering a family of 3 the opportunity to live for free in a fully furnished condo unit for six months.

Fiorenza at Kovan was launched last year where only 2 out of 28 units are still available for sale. This condo unit on offer is a 2 bedroom unit with space-saving, tech-savvy furniture appropriate for smaller apartments.

The unit is a 5th floor top level apartment with 1,367 sq ft floor area which include a 500 sq ft rooftop garden.

The unit is fully furnished which include a washing machine, a dining table that can be use into a coffee table, a collapsible bed that can be used as a study table, mechanised sun shades, all rooms surround sound system and even cutlery.

The property developer is conducting a test bed for the free stay in the condo where the developer hopes to gain useful feedback on 'lifestyle living', as opposed to just selling an unfurnished unit.

The eligible family would be a family of three including a child who are expected to provide valuable comments and feedbacks on their experience.

To register for the selection, the applicants are require to provide a 100-word article on why they are worthy of the 'best experience in life'.

All outgoing bills will be borned by the developer but the family will have to maintain the apartment in good condition.

This 'concept home', with all the fittings and furniture will cost about $1.6 million where an unfurnished unit alone costs about $1.4 million.

This concept home is to gauge the impact of improving the living conditions so that residents can experience the ambience, top quality furniture that are designed to maximise the aesthetic and spatial factors. The valuable experience gathered will be useful for its future developments.


8 May 2012