To accommodate more than 6 million population in Singapore

A balance is required to house over 6 million population in Singapore without sacrificing quality of life if the authority plan it well.

On top of land reclamation, we can also redevelop matured towns with low population densities and those that are near to transport hubs.

While Denser cities are energy-efficient, they can also create stress in the form of longer waiting times, crowded buses and MRT trains etc. To counter this aspect, we should maintain our parks, open spaces and nature reserve.

About 60% of our total land area is currently built-up while the balance land are reserved for for military training or water catchment area.

To grow our population to 6.5 million and maintain our built-up area at 60% of our land, then we need to increase our density. Currently, density of our built up land is from 12,000 to 13,000 people per square kilometre. This is still lower than many of our Asian neighbours. The eventual average density would be about 14,000 people per sq km.

Presently, our Bukit Batok town has already achieved this level of density with a mixture of high-rise residential buildings coupled with amenities like schools, public transport and parks.

City area with excellent public transport will be able to accommodate even higher densities with proper planning to address overcrowding, noise and other environmental repercussion that may arise from a denser living location.

8 Oct 2012